Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Hari Om !

Well I am new to this blogging so I shall  start by answering the question I am asking myself....why have I started blogging? Well I have read several blogs recently and realised that for the passionate this is a great way to express how you feel about things close your heart
Also I have a great feeling about 2012, I have some amazing things planned and want to share it with anyone who'd like to hear about it! I am starting a  6 month Yoga Nidra course with Swami Pragyamurti, and am soooo looking forward to the opportunity to learn from someone so inspirational, I am attending an all night chant fest and shall start teaching my first BWY foundation course, exciting times!

We have just celebrated the winter solstice where I spent time with friends watching an amazing sunrise and focusing on releasing our fears in the form of paper boats into the sea and setting our dreams off into the wind!
Simple rituals like this really help us consolidate the whirling winds of our mind. A theme for many of my spiritual friends and myself in the latter half of 2011 has been that of fears, recognizing and facing our fears is never easy but I highly recommend that you find your way to acknowledge the root cause of your fears and maybe you too will find you can release your fears on a paperboat.....
Like many things in life taking time to reflect and examine our reactions to life and situations  can help us know ourselves better, a phrase I often remember when observing my reactions is 'that all emotions/reactions are fear or love based' maybe this will help you too?
Being the witness in practices like Antar Mouna all help us to observe ourselves and to then continue being the witness in our every day life, this is one of the many reasons that I am so glad to have found yoga so for the time being......
Om Shanti


  1. Welcome to blogging! Winter Solstice was lovely and I feel so much clearer about what 2012 will bring :o)

    Look forward to reading more of your blogs xx

  2. Firstmoon - Ilkay18 January 2012 at 21:15

    Hari Om,
    Its soo nice that you are doing this - hopefully I can learn from you...